Site Selection FAQ’s

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How does ISI Travel Solutions receive compensation for site selection services?

ISI Travel Solutions receives payment in the form of commission from the hotels, resorts, cruise lines and meeting destinations we work with. That means there’s no cost to you for the usage of our hotel site selection services.

Do I pay more by using your services than by going directly to the hotel, resort or cruise line?

The hotel venues we work with consider our combined volume, reputation and past business with them when quoting rates for hotel event space. Through the power of our customer’s consolidated business, we’re able to negotiate much better prices.

Do you offer or have access to hotel value dates or other special offers or pricing?

ISI Travel Solutions keeps in contact with the hotels and receives listings of special pricing deals and offers.

Can I use your services while at the same time searching for a hotel myself?

If you’re using our meeting planning services, it’s best that you allow us to make initial contact with the resort or hotel with event rooms that you’re considering. After this, feel comfortable contacting these hotels as often as you like. Also, before we begin searching for you, please inform us of any hotels or conference venues you’ve already contacted about your corporate event or corporate meeting.

Do I have to have ISI Travel Solutions under contract?

No. However, the hotels prefer that we have a signed “Agency of Record” on file in order to represent you. There is no liability on your part but it allows us to negotiate with the hotels on your behalf.

Can I contact you about an event I need to plan, even on short notice?

Contact us if you are planning a meeting tomorrow, next week or next year. ISI Travel Solutions is committed to providing the best possible conference venues and results regardless of what your timeline is.